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Comparing your situation with these data, you yourself can easily assess how timely your teeth are being erased. If they do it more intensively than cenforce above, you should definitely contact your dentist!

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The following factors cause tooth wear: pathological, abnormal occlusion; overload of teeth, which took on a lot of work after the removal of other teeth; inadequate prosthetics; bruxism; occupational hazards: working with acids, placing abrasive particles in the air; too soft tooth tissues by nature; congenital malformations of the teeth.

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If you have some kind of disease of the endocrine system (disruption of the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, and so on) or the central nervous system, there are chronic intoxication, then you have an order of magnitude more chance of getting sick with this disease. The development of the disease is facilitated by a decrease in the resistance of the body and teeth in particular.
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There are horizontal, vertical, faceted, patterned, stepped, cellular, mixed forms of pathological abrasion of teeth. The very prevalence of the process can be localized (only a couple of teeth are involved) or generalized (multiple tooth lesions).

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The symptoms of this disease are quite obvious: the surface of the teeth is distorted, sharp edges of the enamel appear, which can cause soft tissue injuries. The height of the teeth decreases, the bite changes, the lower third of the face decreases and the oval of the face is distorted. Joint problems (crunching, clicking, inflammation, pain, crepitus) are also observed. The teeth begin to react to hot, cold, sour, sweet.

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The primary task of the doctor is to eliminate the causative factors. Contributing or invoking abrasion. This is achieved by treating malocclusion, timely and adequate dental prosthetics, complete sanitation of the oral cavity, treatment of bruxism, changing jobs, and taking preventive measures to strengthen the enamel. For this, deep fluoridation preparations, calcium gluconate, sodium fluoride, and so on are used.